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Program and Courses - ICAN Seniors Association

Our programs and courses unveil our seniors’ confidence and give them a new perspective on life.


Also, they get to meet like-minded people here with whom they can enjoy the great innings of their life. We help them cross the boundaries of the age limit and acquaint them with the hidden potential within themselves.


Check out some of the amazing courses and activities we have for our seniors:


Online And Offline Courses 

English Language (All Levels)

We offer English courses divided into three levels - entry-level, mid-level, and higher-level. They are conducted online and offline to avoid having to worry about convenience. If our seniors stay far away, they can join us online; otherwise, they can come to class. Here is the schedule for online English classes:

Technology Literacy

Be it a minor call or massive business deals, everything is done digitally. We help seniors connect to the digital world and teach them the basic tools and techniques of prominent apps and computers. We teach them social engineering, digital web cookies, cloud, social media settings on WeChat, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, iPad and iPhone basics, and much more. There are umpteen options to select from and master.  


Mental Health Workshop

Older adults are more prone to mental health illness, so we conduct workshops wherein experts impart information about mental health. We also make them do a few practical activities and introduce them to new skills and ideas, which they can implement to keep their mental state healthy. These workshops are super engaging, fun and educational at the same time, and they have helped our seniors take care of their mental health by themselves. 

Covid-19 Prevention Workshop

COVID-19 had created a massive fear among the people, especially seniors, since they had comparatively more restrictions. However, one of the significant causes for worry was the lack of information; therefore, we organized a COVID-19 prevention workshop. The seniors were informed about everything related to COVID and what precautions they could take, making them responsible citizens.

Public Transport Passenger

Gatherings And Trips

Gatherings and trips allow our seniors to interact and connect with like-minded people. It is enlightening to hear the conversations and experiences of different people and understand their culture and hardships. The seniors share gifts, laughs, cuisines, jokes and have a great time during our gatherings and trips. Our trips include visits to the library, museums, art galleries, local farms, indigenous culture exchange trips and more.

Offline Services

We care for our family and do everything to make them feel safe and special.


ICAN Seniors Association has delivered PPE kits, Christmas gifts and ear savers to medical workers. This makes our bond with them stronger and deeper.

Planting a Plant


We offer many online and offline activities that make our seniors celebrate seniority through learning and playing, which enable them to feel more active, creative and energetic. Some of our activities include:












Financial literacy 


Fitness program and many more activities 

So what are you waiting for? Join us right now to help us make 60 the new 20! The experience of learning, making new friends, and pushing our seniors to be their best in the adventurous stage of their lives is extraordinary. Contact us for volunteering opportunities and other ways to help.

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