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Community Partners - ICAN Seniors Association

ICAN Seniors Association started back in August 2017 as the Ling Ji Chu Seniors Program by Jane Cheng. The name was changed when ICANSA received an NGO status in Alberta in January 2020. As a non-profit organization working towards uplifting senior members of the society who are often neglected and have the lowest literacy rates, we join forces with volunteers, community partners, and donors to educate immigrant seniors. Our activities range from teaching them English to getting them familiar with the tech world, offering workshops on financial literacy and mental health topics, and organizing sports and other fun-filled activities such as walking groups.

We are constantly on the lookout to find community partners with whom we can join forces and allow more elderly members of the society in Alberta and Calgary areas to enjoy their senior life through learning and playing.

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Have you heard about WSAC’s partnership with the YEG Seniors Alliance?

ICAN Seniors Association, in partnership with the Edmonton Seniors Centre and Westend Seniors Activity Centre jointly began offering 100+ online classes/programs to over 3500+ seniors in Alberta weeks after our centre’s shut down due to Covid-19 Seniors who had no computer knowledge were given 1-on-1 training to learn ZOOM and use their devices to enable them to remain socially connected. Since then, we have heard from many seniors and their families that this training was a “lifeline” and the programs offered through the alliance were “invaluable” bringing joy and reducing their feelings of isolation during the pandemic.

Our Community Partners

ESC Logo.png

Edmonton Seniors Centre is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing support and opportunities to seniors to further their overall well-being and quality of life.

Edmonton Seniors Declaration

  • Individuals are respected regardless of age.

  • All generations have much to teach and learn from each other.

  • People of all ages feel safe, empowered, and supported as individuals, so that they can age well, connect with, and enrich the community.

  • Urban spaces are intentionally designed to be vibrant, inclusive, and accessible to meet the interests and needs of older adults.

  • Older persons have access to information, programs, and services that promote engagement.

WSAC logo.png

At Westend Seniors Activity Centre, we are changing perceptions of what a senior’s centre can be – and what it means to be 55+.

Established in 1978, Westend Seniors Activity Centre is a registered non-profit organization. Our mission is to be an inclusive community hub for adults 55+ that provides services, programs, information and activities that support healthy aging and active living.

Our stunning 22,600 sq. foot facility overlooks a scenic pond in the heart of west Edmonton. It is a modern, inviting, multi-purpose building where members can drop in; connect with others; try new low-cost activities, programs and classes; and use our support services.

drive happiness logo.png

Drive Happiness Seniors Association is a registered, non-profit society whose mission is to assist seniors in remaining independent in their own homes for as long as possible. Seniors value their independence but lose that independence when they can no longer drive or access transportation to go shopping, banking, reach clinics or the many other required services to stay in their own homes.


Volunteer drivers take riders to various appointments like medical appointments, shopping, banking, programming, and to visit friends or family. The rider requiring the ride buys tickets for $10.00 each from the Drive Happiness office.


All volunteer driver candidates are screened for vulnerable security clearance, a well maintained vehicle, and a clean driving abstract before they are accepted as Volunteers for Drive Happiness

Why choose ICAN Seniors Association

Where numbers are concerned, ICAN Seniors Association conducted six ongoing classes comprising 250 students for Online ESL in 2020. Overall, we conducted 288 online activities throughout the year with 5,760 cumulative participants. Within one week in early 2021, we distributed 200 sanitizer bottles and around 8,000 masks to over 400 senior members. We also arranged 36 sessions of volunteer training and workshops attended by over 720  cumulative participants.

As you can see, we are progressing ahead at the speed of lightning. To meet our requirements, we need donors and community partners to reach out to more people and help them attain an education that they can’t afford, due to language barriers, mobility barriers or financial constraints.

We at ICAN Seniors Association are actively looking for community partners to join us for a collaboration. It is a win-win situation for both the parties involved and goes a long way in securing a non-profit organization from collapse due to no support from local and national communities. If you are considering signing up as a community partner, we would like to add that whatever you impart - skills, resources, space or time - counts.

As ICAN Seniors Association arranges both online and offline events, be it for ESL classes, technology training, tax return prep, cooking or other courses, it takes a lot of resources to make them happen. Our community partners help us in whatever capacity they can to make educating the underprivileged a reality. We are currently associated with Edmonton Seniors Centre, Westend Seniors Activity Centre, and more are joining us every year.

ICAN Seniors Association is growing with more than 126 volunteers, 300+ senior members, as well as a number of donors, board of directors and community partners.

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Reach Out to Partner with ICANSA

If you are willing to become a community partner and participate in the upliftment of senior members and help them achieve their lifelong dreams, get in touch with us at ICAN Seniors Association. Simply reach out to us via email or leave a note on our website, where we can discuss the collaboration further.

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