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ICAN Seniors Association (or ICANSA) was initiated back in August 2017 by Jane Cheng and received its NGO status in January 2020. For years, ICAN Seniors Association has helped hundreds of seniors stand upright on their feet, thanks to the elaborate English learning classes we ran both offline and online, especially during the pandemic. 

We are actively looking for sponsors and donors to turn our objectives into reality. If you are a business owner, you can join forces with us in our endeavor to get the seniors in Canada the life they deserve with ESL, technology, cooking classes, and other learning activities that will help them in the long run. 


How You Can Help

ICAN Seniors Association is growing every year. With 380 seniors in 2018 to 800+ seniors in 2020-21, we can say that ICANSA is expanding with senior members from Calgary and Edmonton areas and more joining us every day.

We initially started with English as a Second Language (ESL) classes for immigrant senior members. However, thanks to the help from our community partners, donors, sponsors, and businesses, we are expanding the fields of classes as well. This includes cooking classes, technology courses that involve getting our seniors familiar with modern technology, community gatherings, field trips, walking groups, and lots of more fun-filled activities.

As a business, you can help us and the hundreds of seniors in our 60+ age group to get the education they need. This involves donating money to a noble cause. You can also donate equipment such as computers, tablets, phones and more that will help us make our seniors educated and literate in various fields. Tech equipment has become a must in today’s time, with the ongoing pandemic and people preferring to stay in their homes to protect themselves from the deadly virus. We have conducted both virtual and in-person classes and events with hundreds of cumulative participants throughout the 2020-21 period.

There are many ways in which you can give, such as by sponsoring social events and programs for home support or providing subsidies to seniors falling in the low-income groups. You can also sponsor a senior’s membership at ICANSA. 

Ours is a noble cause that requires continuous funding. You can choose between weekly,  monthly, and yearly funding and pledge with us as per your will and convenience. We ensure complete transparency so that the businesses that partner with us know exactly how and where their money was spent. ICAN Seniors Association sends out emails to the members congratulating them for the sponsorship and funding as this helps in the development of our senior members.


Reach Out to become a part of ICANSA

ICAN Seniors Association is a certified Alberta-based NGO with 126+ volunteers, 800+ senior members, and training in ESL, technology, tax return prep, cooking and more. ICANSA is also expanding in senior intake and the subjects available to learn. Our supporters, including businesses like yours, can assist us in fulfilling these goals.

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