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How To Help ICAN Seniors Association

ICAN Seniors Association aims to change the lives of seniors by empowering them to learn, grow, and lead a quality life. We encourage them to learn ESL, financial literacy, mental health, technology, fitness exercises as well as take them on field trips and organize festive gatherings.


This helps us bring significant changes in our seniors' lives. You, too, can be part of this revolution by donating or contributing in any way you can. Here are some of the ways:  



If you foresee a career in social work or at a non-profit organization, this is a perfect place for you to gain experience and bring change. You can take various classes for our seniors, including fitness, dance, technology, social media, knitting, English language, and more. Additionally, you can take care of their essential needs on field trips.


We also organize gatherings and plan games and activities. We offer many benefits to our volunteers, such as interview coaching, job referrals, job search workshops, and more.


The smallest of contributions can bring the greatest changes. You can donate money or gifts either monthly, weekly, yearly or just on a one-time basis. This will help us initiate more projects and programs and bring innovation in our ways, techniques and technology. This way, our seniors will get more resources and exposure, which is advantageous for their growth. Your contribution will help us organize programs such as:


Social activities


Nutrition and health courses


Seniors technology and communication



Your donation can help us reach our maximum potential and bring valuable changes in our seniors' lives.


Many companies believe in adding value to society by initiating change or contributing to change. We have partnerships with many companies who donate monthly, weekly and yearly to help us set a new standard for our events and innovations. As a company, you have many options for contribution, such as:


Supporting our ‘Older Bolder Better’ trade show


Sponsoring social events 


Conducting presentations, classes, referrals and workshops


Sponsoring program areas like home support for seniors, subsidies for low-income seniors, etc. 

Help us stand out, and it will help you stand out.

Community Partners

We are part of the YEG Seniors Alliance with Edmonton Seniors Center, West End Seniors Activity Centre and many others, which helps us organize many events, such as health and wellness fairs, COVID-19 prevention, local farm visits and more. As community partners, we can connect and extend our family to set and achieve higher aims. Moving ahead with people who share the same purposes and goals makes the journey more interesting for us.  


Reach Out to know more About Us

Your contribution will only help us make things better for our seniors. Together we can bring happiness and excitement to our seniors' lives while making them feel young, valued and independent. Being a part of the ICAN Seniors Association brings a confident smile and pride of independence on our seniors' faces, which is priceless. So connect with us and become a part of our family.

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