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Volunteers - ICAN Seniors Association

ICAN Seniors Association was initiated back in August 2017 as Ling Ji Chu Seniors’ Program and the name changed to the current one in January 2020 when it became an Alberta-based NGO. ICAN Seniors Association deals with educating immigrant seniors - aged 60 years and above - and their family members.

As senior members in Canada are an essential part of the community, it is our responsibility to offer seniors learning opportunities with ESL, technology and communication, physical activities, financial literacy, mental health awareness and more. To make this possible, we are actively expanding to get more classes, seniors, volunteers, community partners and others on board. Here’s your chance to do something for the community by becoming a volunteer at ICAN Seniors Association.

Grandmother and Grandson

Become A Volunteer at ICAN Seniors Association

We have 126 active volunteers at ICAN Seniors Association as of the end of 2021, with a total of 2,874 volunteer hours dedicated to helping various aspects of running an NGO for seniors and their family members. We have 154 volunteer services. ICAN Seniors Association has conducted 36 sessions for volunteer training and workshops, with 720 cumulative participants available with us throughout our journey in the last year.

We are actively looking for volunteers for our growing number of senior members, subjects, training modules and others to join in - be it donors, businesses, community partners or seniors. A helping hand is always appreciated and something we strongly believe in.

Why Choose Us?

With various opportunities for volunteership around you, what can we offer? ICAN Seniors Association has been helping senior members of the society gain knowledge in English as a second language (ESL), instilling the confidence they need to spend years of their lives.

Canada has made quite an improvement in terms of standard of living and life expectancy, wherein senior citizens live for almost 30 years (or more or less) after their retirement. This creates a situation where they still need to be actively engaged to spend the remainder of their lives. With proper education in English speaking and conversations, technology, health diet, fun-filled physical activities like walking groups and Tai Chi, we train our senior members to inculcate all necessary ways to educate themselves.

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By the end of 2021, we have arranged over 24 sessions of online workshops and 288 sessions of online activities, apart from ESL sessions, with a total of 824 and 250 participants in WeChat and Online mode, respectively. All these stats are what make us one of the leading NGOs based in Alberta and you can be a part of our team, offering generous volunteering hours for the fulfilment of the various activities that we at ICAN Senior Association conduct.

The last piece of the puzzle is a volunteer giving back to society by dedicating a few hours a week to this generous cause that gives you pure joy and a feeling of pride that goes a long way.

Reach Out To Volunteer with ICANSA

If the opportunity to volunteer for us excited you, you can reach out to ICAN Seniors Association based in Alberta, which offers learning and playing activities for immigrants with ESL and other domains to update them with today’s technology.

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