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About Us

Our Story 

ICAN Seniors Association is a non-profit organization that educates and celebrates seniority in the most exciting way. We started our journey of improving our seniors' lives in 2017 as an ad hoc group. By 2020, we were a full-fledged registered company in Alberta, going by ICAN Seniors Association. Initially, we connected with the seniors online and began teaching the English language to immigrants, which was further combined with many playful activities. We started with a small family, and today, we have extended communities and brought joy during the great innings of older adults’ lives.



Our mission is to enculturate the immigrant seniors and their family members by providing these older adults an inclusive space to learn, explore and thrive in the evolving world.

Our objectives include the following three main purposes,


To relieve conditions attributable to being aged by organizing social and recreational activities for aged persons who are experiencing social isolation and loneliness. 


To advance education by providing publicly available English language courses as well as workshops, classes, and/or seminars on topics such as health, mental health, and financial management for aged persons. 


To undertake activities that are ancillary and incidental to the attainment of the above charitable purposes. 

Our Volunteers

Our vision is to bring the world closer and create a sense of oneness despite generational and cultural differences. We have envisioned four goals for the ICAN Seniors Association and work hard every day to fulfill them. They are as follows:

Fulfilling the need for belonging

Language can bring people together as it allows you to express, assimilate in the new culture and connect with people. We understand the hardships faced by the senior immigrants to keep up with a foreign world, language, culture and way of life. They feel distant, insecure and left out in the last stage of their lives. ICAN Seniors Association brings back joy and a sense of belonging by acquainting them with a new language, programs and projects. When they network with people of the same age and challenges, they feel that sense of belonging, and with it, they grow, learn and embrace their new lives.    

Providing a right to live a quality life 

The digital world is meant to bring people closer, but does it? Somehow, this digital world has disconnected different generations. Older adults find it challenging to use the latest technologies, update their English language, socialize and have fun. ICAN Seniors Association creates an inclusive space where older adults learn current technology, refine their English language, socialize with the same age and inter-generational groups, play activities and bring out their maximum potential. This connects seniors with the evolving world, makes them feel productive and helps them lead a quality life.

Creating Opportunities

ICAN Seniors Association is trying to eliminate dependency by educating the older generation with language, technology and the latest trends. We teach and polish the skills required in modern times. This makes seniors capable of earning by themselves in this competitive world and setting an example for younger generations. 

Modern Senior Woman

Crossing the age limit of education

ICAN Seniors Association manifests the idea that age is just a number. Our organization cannot see a single reason why older adults cannot learn new things. For us, the boundaries of learning and age have been blurred, allowing us to see the massive potential in older adults to serve something valuable and interesting.  

ICAN Seniors Association brings spice and spark to an elderly person’s life and gives them a new vision that makes them feel young and valued.

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