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Tai Chi

Coach LinSheng Zhang and XiaoQing Zhou

  • 1 h
  • Canada

Service Description

Both are contributing more than 10 years of working experience related. TaiChi (太极) or Taijiquan(太极拳), is a philosophy guided practice. The concept of Taiji comes from the philosophy of Yin Yang theory back to Confucius's days. Taiji practices build up the body power by focusing on internal body energy movement and its accumulation. It traditionally is a combination of body enhancement, defense training, and meditation. Nowadays, TaiChi- 24 Form, has been gaining popularity worldwide in the form of body relaxation, mind purification, or personal entertainment. Class Zoom ID:2664539182 TaiChi Fan or TaiChi Kung Fu Fan(太极功夫扇), is one of two fan forms created by Li Deyin in the early two-thousands. Both are popular and widely practiced, at least in China and among Chinese people living here, and both are usually performed to a piece of music called Zhongguo Gongfu. Most of the movements in Kung Fu Fan are based on traditional tai chi forms, especially sword forms, with the fan substituting for the sword. We also offer classes of Qigong: What we have class every week, Eight-Section Brocade and Five Animal Exercises Baduanjin (八段錦), which may be translated as Eight Pieces of Brocade, is one of the most common forms of Chinese Qigong, evolved over thousand years. It is primarily designated as a form of medical Qigong. The technique Baduanjin adopted is to use specific external actions to stimulate and enhance internal energy circulations. In this way, the internal body defense systems can be strengthened and physical health improved. Baduanjin, often used in martial arts as a warming exercise, helps relax the body and minimize harm in one’s daily life. Its actions are calm, peaceful, and easy to follow, therefore suited to all age groups, even it is particularly popular amongst the elderly.

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