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As we age, the health challenges we face increase, including the need to manage a variety of medications, vitamins, and supplements to maintain health, as well as the importance of maintaining good vision. The ICAN Seniors Association is deeply aware of the importance of vision for the safety and quality of life of the elderly. Clear vision is a key step in preventing falls, making it crucial to have the correct eyeglass prescription. However, maintaining vision health goes beyond this, as many eye diseases such as cataracts, glaucoma, and macular degeneration may not show symptoms in the early stages, but early detection and treatment are critical. Additionally, as we age, our ability to adapt to changes in lighting decreases, sensitivity to glare increases, and depth perception may decline, all of which can increase the risk of falls. Therefore, we collect and organize high-quality resources created by the Injury Prevention Centre to help seniors maintain good vision, prevent falls, and ensure they can enjoy an independent and fulfilling life.

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