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The Story of Our Volunteers – Bruce Pickett

It's our first time to use bilingual writing for sharing the story of a volunteer from our association. His name is Bruce Pickett and he volunteers for an animal rescue organization. Many of us may know him from receiving the stuffed animals gifts. After learning about ICANSA from his friend, who volunteers for us, he also joined our family three years ago and has participated in many meaningful activities since then.

Bruce mentioned the first volunteer event he participated in for ICANSA was providing hundreds of stuffed animals for seniors, children and events. The stuffed animals were presented as prizes on stage, making people happy. Bruce enjoys helping people and working with the vast ICANSA team of volunteers who do great work for others. He knows ICANSA is appreciative of the volunteer work he does for them which is a rewarding feeling.

When asked about his most memorable activity, Bruce talked about the event that happened around Christmas in 2019. He brought 350 stuffed animals and introduced his volunteer animal rescue organization, the Pet Food Band of Parkland Country, and Half Way Home Rescue. He says ”It was an incredibly warm feeling seeing all the seniors holding their stuffed animals and their smiling faces.” Bruce provides ICANSA between 300 to 1,250 stuffed animals every year for seniors, children and events. He also has done two presentations for us, one on "Coronavirus (COVID-19) and Your Pets", and the other "Applying for a Job in the Federal Public Service". Bruce says ICANSA does great work with activities that help seniors who are isolated during this pandemic, as well as networking with and helping other organizations.

When we asked Bruce what did he gain from the ICANSA, he answered: "I have made numerous friends and acquaintances, and learned more about the Chinese community and culture." ICANSA is glad to embrace volunteers with different cultural backgrounds.

This is our volunteer sharing story. As a volunteer, if you are willing to share your story, please contact us. Meanwhile, we hope that more volunteers can join our big family! To join the ICANSA volunteer team, please email to:

Welcome to scan the code and follow our WeChat public account for more information!



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