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ICAN Seniors Association held a grand Mid-Autumn Festival party

At this time, the annual Mid-Autumn Festival is coming, and this traditional festival is even more meaningful for overseas Chinese people. To celebrate this traditional Chinese festival, the ICAN Seniors Association held a grand Mid-Autumn Festival party on September 4.

ICAN Seniors Association was founded in 2018 and registered as a non-profit organization in 2022. We currently have over 150 volunteers helping over 800 Seniors in Alberta, Canada, overcome multiple language and cultural barriers to better integrate into Canadian life. Positive, optimistic, healthy life and retirement, for the country, society and family to reduce the burden, made a positive contribution.

In the past two years, due to the impact of the pandemic, all the association's learning and activities have been moved online. We work with different communities, and Action for Healthy Communities organizes introductory training in English, computers and artificial intelligence for seniors. The elderly actively participate in various online activities and seminars organized by the Westend Seniors Activity Centre.

After the pandemic improved in 2022, ICAN Seniors Association organized many in-person activities during the summer vacation in July and August this year. This includes visiting farmers' markets and farms, learning about organic food, visiting the City Centre Library, and attending two large outdoor themed events organized by the Westend Seniors Activity Centre to learn about community resources. In conjunction with Park Canada, there are programs like learning camping at campsites and hiking in the forest. With the strong support of Action for Healthy Communities, we also organized many special lectures, such as "Prevention of Brain Degeneration", "Low Carbon Copper Healthy Diet", "Sleep and Health". The elderly are taught to cook healthy meals through on-site cooking classes, and the elderly are helped to use their hands and brains through artificial intelligence games to slow down brain degeneration. After the summer vacation, the online and offline training of ICAN Seniors Association English and computer was fully carried out. In addition to weekly English teaching in the Wechat group, there are also online English and computer courses in Edmonton and Calgary. Due to the high enthusiasm for learning, we set up in-person English training classes in the ASSIST Community Services Centre South-West Premises in September to meet everyone's learning needs.

At 10 am on September 4, 2022, the Mid-Autumn Festival party, which has been prepared for a long time by ICAN Seniors Association, was held on the lawn of ASSIST Community Services Centre South-West Premises. Over 100ICAN Seniors Association students and volunteers gathered together to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival. Ms Lee Yunzhuo and Mr Zheng Yunxuan, directors of the ICAN Seniors Association, and Dr Leung Hoi-tung, Executive Director of Westend Seniors Activity Centre, were invited to the party to express their festive greetings to the elders.

Li Yuchang, an ICAN Seniors Association volunteer who is good at singing and dancing, hosted the party and performed for everyone. The versatile elders signed up to show off their talents. There were a variety of artistic programs, including rumba, solo, Huangmei opera, chorus, solo, square dance, colored silk dance, and Chinese and Western instruments playing brass and hulusi. The wonderful performances of the elders won warm applause from the audience. Wang Jizhi, an ICAN Seniors Association student who began to learn painting during the epidemic period, brought hundreds of paintings by hand, demonstrating the strong learning ability and unremitting efforts of ICAN Seniors Association students.

We received support and sponsorship from different organizations and individuals for this event. The professional audio equipment was provided by Mr. Fu Yuhang, who was also the professional DJ of the party on that day. The professional aerial photography provided by Zheng Yunxuan makes the happy smile on everyone's face clearly visible in the hundred people group photo on the lawn.

Mooncake gifts for all participants were sponsored by various sponsors, drinking water was sponsored by Sterling Homes, and we also received many generous gift donations as raffle prizes.

The ICAN Seniors Association would like to express its sincere thanks to all sponsors for sponsoring this event.

In no particular order, we would like to thank the sponsors of the ICAN Seniors Association Mid-Autumn Festival:

Investment and financial Advisor: Chang Yu

Plumbing Service Repair Second Plumbing & Heating Vehicle Housing Insurance agent: Silvia Xue

Prada Underwear Sales: Zhao Cuiru

Explore YEG

Access Pharmacy

Always Dental Care Liu Zhongyang Dentist Office

Sterling Home

Fu Yuhang aerospace audio equipment

Jia Mei travel



Han Chunmei

We thank the ICAN Seniors Association Friendly and Cooperative Communities and the media for sponsoring us:

Action for Healthy Communities

Westend Seniors Activity Centre

The Aicheng Guanghua Newspaper

Thanks to Mr. Zheng Yunxuan, director of ICAN Seniors Association and the creator of video editing.



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